LNW Wet and Gas Scrubbers

Our wet scrubbers are proven for many years for capturing problematic dust such as hygroscopic or explosive materials. With a precise analysis of the hazardous substances and our wide range of wet scrubbers you don't need to compromise when selecting the optimal type of scrubber.

We offer the following types of wet and gas scrubber:

  • Venturi High Performance Type LNW-VHW: Used when even the finest fractions need to be filtered.
  • Vortex Wet-Scrubber Type LNW-NAV: the robust scrubber for medium duty de-dusting problems with larger dust particles and soluble dusts.
  • Packed-Bed Washers and Demistor Vapor-Segregators Type LNW FKW: High performance machines for the reliable segregation of odors and hazardous gases such as oil and water-based mist.


All scrubbers can be made from mild or stainless steel. They can also be made of robust engineering grade plastic.