LST Vacuum Cleaning Systems

Lammers centralized vacuum cleaners and mobile vacuum units are used in heavy duty applications such as cement plants, power plants, animal feed plants and storage halls.

Wherever large quantities of dusty materials and other dirt occur, our vacuum cleaning units are well proven. They are superior to mobile power sweepers due to their easy access into each end every corner of your facility.

At one location in the facility a vacuum generator is installed which is connected to suction pipes. At various locations flexible hosepipes are connected. The dust is sucked-up and transported to a cyclone where it is separated from the air. The air is then further cleaned with a modern pocket filter, bag filter or cartridge filter.

Each system is designed to suit specific application requirements such as dust properties, quantity of dust, and the number of suction points. Automatic monitoring maintains system availability.

Robust mobile industrial vacuum cleaners with powerful turbine or side channel blowers complete our product range of vacuum cleaning systems for industrial use.