LZA Ventilation and Air Extraction Systems

Our LZA / LZR ventilation plants are well proven for the ventilation and air extraction of compressor stations, gas turbines, silos and electrical control rooms.

Lammers ventilation units all over the world move more than 8 million cubic meters of air every hour.

Using Lammers ventilation units ensures clean air and comfortable climate in the workplace along with low maintenance and operation costs.

Our ventilation and extraction systems are available with axial and radial fans. Our systems can be supplied with capacities from just 500 m3/h to 150.000 m3/h. By combining several units, capacities of over 500.000 m3/h have been achieved.

Modern filter-media such as bag, pocket or cartridge filter separate dust particles from the suction air effectively and therefore ensure clean production facilities and workplaces.