Pneumatic conveying systems

In a pneumatic conveying system, solids are conveyed through a pipe using an airstream. Depending on the application, one of the following designs is used:

  • Using a push system, the blower is placed in front of the transport and blows the material through the pipe.
  • When using a transport fan, a specially designed fan that is suitable for material conveying is places between the material feeding and discharge.
  • In a suction system the blower is placed after the material discharge, the material is sucked through the conveying line.

To feed the material a rotary valve or a specially designed chute is used, sometimes the material is directly sucked from a bunker, mill or chute. For the separation of the airstream and the material, mostly a cyclone and a dust filter are used. Often the material is directly blown into a silo.

As a blower centrifugal fans, side channel blowers, rotary lobe blowers or compressed air nozzles are used. Typical applications are the conveying of plastic or salt.

We have special knowledge in producing pneumatic conveying systems for de-icing salt as it is used on roads and highways. These systems are used for conveying salt from a hopper into a silo.